What Attracts Spiders And Causes Them To Infest Your Home?

Whether you simply dislike spiders or have a real phobia about spiders, we can all agree that these 8-legged creatures aren’t welcomed in our homes. Seeing a spider hanging around or scurrying across the room can be incredibly unsettling, especially knowing that some spiders can actually kill!

So, if you see a spider (or spiders) in your home, it would be in your best interest to get rid of them. However, getting rid of them is one thing, and preventing them from infesting your home is another.

Let’s talk about the causes of spider infestations and what you can do to make your home less appealing to them:

What Attracts Spiders And Causes Them To Infest Your Home?

First and foremost, you want to be aware of some of the items that may be attractive to spiders and can cause them to infest your home, such as:

Spilled garbage


Dry soil

Shrubs and bushes



Untreated lumber

Paper bags

There are a ton of other things that can attract spiders to your home, but the above are some of the common things that bring them near and even in your home.

How Do I Know If Spiders Are Investing in My Home?

You may be asking, “How do I know if spiders are really residing in my home?” Well, if you see a spider in your home, then you definitely have cause for concern. However, once you get rid of it, how do you know if it’s a single spider that was living in your home or a group of spiders?

The most obvious sign of this is the fact that you can see webs! You may have already seen the spiders in your home but saw a web and thought nothing of it. Webs are the most obvious sign of a spider infestation.

If you are noticing the web of one spider in your home, then you can be sure that one spider is hanging around. However, if you start noticing webs in various areas of your home, then you may want to consider calling a professional to help you with the infestation and any problems you are having with the spiders in your home.

What Can I Do To Prevent Spiders In My Home?

You want to make sure to keep your home clean and clutter-free. This will not only help keep spiders out of your home, but it will also discourage other pests and insects.

If you have a large shrub or bush in the front yard, you want to make sure to keep it trimmed back. This will not only make it easier to keep the shrub trimmed and shaped, but it will also help make it less attractive to spiders.

You also want to be sure to keep your grass mowed. If you have a lot of rocks or small stones, you may want to consider moving them away from your home. This will not only prevent spiders from getting into your home, but it will also help prevent pests like rodents and insects from getting in.


Spiders in your home can be very scary and unsettling. If you want to make sure you are protected from spiders in your home, you want to take the necessary steps to prevent these eight-legged creatures from making their way into your home.

Of course, it isn’t guaranteed that you will never see a spider in your home. What you can do to protect yourself, your family, and your home is to take the necessary steps to treat your home and keep it free of spiders. In addition, you can also reach out to pest control services to help keep spiders and other pests in check for you!

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