6 Signs of Spider Infestation and How to Get Rid of Them

Spiders have been around for million years and could crawl into your home. They might even be spinning their webs in the corners of rooms you don’t use. However, it’s not that easy to find them, 

But How do you know if you have an infestation of spiders? Here are the spider infestation signs to look out for.

Sign #1: Visible Egg Sacs

One clue of a spider infestation is the presence of egg sacs, which may contain thousands of eggs. After the eggs are laid, spiders wrap them in silk before placing them where they want to lay.

If you find one in your home, take action right away. Once an egg hatches, you’ll have more spiders than you’d ever want—hundreds at least.

Sign #2: Untreated Moisture

Spiders prefer humid and moist environments for their nests. They may not require the entire house to create a nest and thus may live in some regions of the basement. With the increased moisture, spiders may have moved into your basement or another area.

Sign #3: An Increasing Amount of Spiders

The appearance of more spiders in your home indicates a spider infestation. Spiders can invade your home, but if you have seen many of them, you should begin to worry. The same spiders will start to crawl around the house. These spiders can lay eggs and allow them to mature.

The two spiders look very similar – at least to non-arachnologists. The Brown Recluse, known for its necrotic bite, and the Black Widow, which can deliver venom fatal to some mammals, are two of the most dangerous assassins in the spider world.

Sign #4: Untreated Cracks and Crevices

Water likes to pool in undeveloped areas or in regions that are not exposed to sunlight. This attracts spiders; they want to hide in these regions. Spiders could be hidden behind walls, sheds, or attics.

As a result, keep the house free of filth and clutter. The more dirt and mess you have, the more likely the spiders will be able to find nooks and crannies for themselves.

Sign #5: Presence of Webbings

Just because you don’t see spiders around doesn’t mean you don’t have any. They could be hiding in the dark, waiting for you to enter the wrong place so they can pounce. Although this is unlikely, you might notice some web hatching in your home. But then, the absence of a spider on the web today doesn’t mean there is one tomorrow.

Clearing spider webs in your home is not as simple as it may seem. Some spiders can spin several webs, while others can only spin cob-like webs or intricate ones resembling webs. In this case, you could be faced with two different spider species.

Sign #6: Dead Insects in Your House

The insects in your home are food for spiders. They weave webs to catch mosquitoes, moths, and flies. If you have these insects or pests in your home, spiders may have invaded to build webs and feast on them.

The sudden absence of bugs in your home could mean that you have a pest problem. Unless you hired a professional pest control service, the spiders might have taken care of the pests.


While most spiders are not very harmful, they can be annoying and embarrassing to people in your home. Of course, you want to have a clean and comfortable home. So, this is why you should be alert and keep unwanted pests, like spiders, away. They may come into your home, but you should keep them out!

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