What are the Early Indications of a Bed Bug Infestation?

Are you concerned that your house has a bed bug infestation? Do you shudder at the prospect of bed bugs invading your home? If this is the case, you should learn everything about the bed bug signs you should be on the lookout for.

This allows you to ask for assistance before the problem escalates. If you wait too long or ignore the warning signals, you’ll end up with an infestation.

See below for detailed advice on the early signs of bed bugs and what to do if you find them.

1. Blood Marks on Your Mattress

Bed bugs typically feed on blood; thus, their preferred hiding spots are those where they can readily suck human blood unnoticed; you guessed it! They hide themselves in gaps surrounding the bed or on mattresses. A bed bug infestation is generally indicated by an unexplainable bloodstain or a dark brown stain; this stain is either a residual blood stain from their feeding session or their excrement. Be on the lookout for brown stains surrounding your bed, since this might signal that you have bed bugs.

2. Bite Marks on Your Body

Another sign of the presence of bed bugs is bite marks on your body. Bed bugs typically feed on human blood at nighttime; thus, they usually bite in the dark hours. The moment you wake up, you’ll find bed bug bites on your body. These bite marks usually appear in a cluster, since bed bugs tend to travel in groups when they feed. Take a close look at your body in the morning; if you notice bite marks that are in a cluster, then there is a possibility that you have bed bugs in your home.

3. Exoskeleton and Eggs

Unfortunately, blood stains aren’t the only indications of bed bugs. They can also leave massive traces of eggs and exoskeletons that they’ve shed.

Bed bugs have yellowish skins that can be seen on your furniture or fabrics. The eggs are milky in appearance.

The good news (for lack of a better phrase) is that blood, eggs, and exoskeletons are frequently found together. If you see a combination of the three, call a professional immediately.

4. A Musty Smell

An inexplicable wet and musty stench in your house is another symptom of bed bug invasion. You might just notice the odor surrounding your bed. You may, however, have arrived from other neighboring pieces of furniture.

Some individuals compare the stench to that of decaying garments or a wet dog. It is caused by the pheromones they emit. It’s worth noting that, in general, the stronger the odor, the greater the infestation.

5. Discomfort Among Your Entire Family

When numerous members of your household experience the same pain at night, this is one of the most telling symptoms that you have a bed bug problem.

If you and your loved ones are all waking up with painful and itchy insect bites, consider it an indication of a far deeper problem.

Once bed bugs have infiltrated your house, they multiply in loads. Contact a specialist as soon as possible to prevent the infestation from worsening.


Bed bugs are a serious risk to your safety. You need to be aware of their signs to take the proper steps to eradicate them.

Also, it’s vital to eliminate them before bringing them into your home.

If you think you may have a bed bug infestation, contact a pest control professional as soon as possible. This is the safest and most effective way to eliminate bed bugs from your home.

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