Roaches: 4 Reasons They’re Bad & What Can You Do

Cockroach infestations bring health and sanitary problems to your household. Ignoring a cockroach problem can contribute to different health problems, such as allergies and asthma in small children. 

Cockroaches are swift, nocturnal insects that bring fear and sanitary problems to millions of households. These nasty pests exhibit odd behaviors and unique survival tactics. They can live for a week without their heads, hold their breath for 40 minutes, and are one of the oldest animals on Earth. 

So, why are cockroaches bad, and why do we need to contact pest control immediately? How do you spot the signs of infestations and prevent them?

Why Are Cockroaches Bad? 

Before we can spot the different signs of infestations, we must enumerate why cockroaches are the number one household enemy. 

1. They Are Unsanitary

For one, cockroaches have the notorious reputation of loving dirty, smelly things. They feed on garbage, breed in sewers, and old food. Dirty dishes, sinks, toilets, and overflowing trash cans attract these pesky insects. Regular cleaning and contacting pest controls can discourage roaches from entering your home. 

2. They Carry Bacteria

A study at Cambridge university stated that there were 30 identified species of bacteria associated with cockroaches living near humans (across 50 different apartments). Although cockroaches have not caused any specific outbreaks, they could’ve played a role in spreading infections. 

On another note, cockroaches can contaminate your food with their waste and saliva, which can cause food poisoning and diarrhea. 

Sanitation, storing food in tightly-sealed containers, and calling pest control can eliminate cockroach contamination. 

3. They Trigger Asthma and Allergies

Like dust mite allergens, cockroach allergens quickly settle on solid surfaces. Roach allergens typically enter the lungs by inhaling the particles settled in pillows, bed sheets, or other dust-trapping fabrics. Ultimately, it can trigger asthma and allergies in young children. 

Regular cleaning and seeking pest control eliminate cockroach allergens. 

4. Some Species May Bite

As annoying as they can be, the good thing is that they rarely bite, unlike other insects. Although some species can bite humans, the only possible time a cockroach will bite you is when they can’t find other food sources. You can prevent roach bites through proper hygiene.

What Can I Do? 

Preventing a cockroach infestation starts with regular cleaning, proper food storage, decluttering, and contacting your local pest control. 

Regular cleaning and taking out the trash help keep those pesky roaches away from your home. Using a broom or a damp rag, frequent cleaning of crumbs and drink spillages eliminate their food source. Cockroaches also don’t appreciate clean toilets and sinks. 

Apart from regular cleaning and taking out the trash, storing food in tightly-sealed containers can prevent roach contamination. And when it comes to workplaces, not eating from 

Another preventive measure would be decluttering. Clearing old magazines, newspapers, cardboard, and packaging out of your homes can reduce the roaches’ hiding places.

Hatching to a Conclusion 

Cockroaches are, without a doubt, most people’s worst nightmare, but infestations are highly preventable. Contact your residential pest control companies immediately if you spot a cockroach infestation in your home. 

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