5 Compelling Signs That You Might Have a Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on human blood. They are usually active at night and hide in dark, secluded places during the day. Bed bugs can infest any type of home, but are most commonly found in hotels, hostels, and other places where people sleep.

Some people may also develop an allergic reaction to the bed bug’s saliva, which can lead to more serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing, swelling of the face or throat, and even anaphylactic shock. In rare cases, bed bug bites have been known to cause skin infections.

If you want to keep you and your family safe from infestation, here are some compelling signs to watch out for.

1) Molted Skin

As they mature, bed bugs shed their skin five times. Each shed is a transparent white, which can be harder to spot than the live bugs. One of the most common signs that you have bed bugs is finding molted skin in the cracks of your furniture or your bed sheets. 

Bed bug bites are small, red welts that can appear in lines or clusters and are often accompanied by a small amount of swelling and intense itching. If you think you might have bed bugs, it’s important to inspect your home carefully and look for any sign of these pests.

2) Blood Stains

If you find blood stains on your bedding, it’s a good idea to inspect the rest of your bedding carefully. Look for any other signs of bed bugs, such as small brown spots or eggs. 

Bedbugs feed solely on blood and will leave bloodstains on fabrics where they have fed. When they bite, they use an anticoagulant to ensure that the blood keeps flowing. This can mean that those bitten by bedbugs may bleed a little more from the bites.

3) Eggs

Bed bugs can lay their eggs in small clusters, and the eggs can be white, brown, or black. If you see any eggs, it’s a good idea to look for other signs of bed bugs in your home. Bed bugs often hide in cracks and crevices, so be sure to check these areas carefully. 

You may also see small blood stains on your sheets or furniture, which is another sign that bed bugs are present. If you suspect you have bedbugs, call a professional exterminator to come and take a look.

4) Bite Marks on Your Skin

If you’ve been waking up with bite marks, it’s a clear sign that you have bedbugs. Bed bugs typically bite in three to four rows of three or four bites.

The bite marks are usually small, red, and itchy. If you find bite marks on your body, look around your home for other signs of bedbugs. If you find any, call a professional exterminator right away.

5) Bug Droppings

Bedbug droppings are small, brown spots that are left behind by bedbugs. These spots are most often found on mattresses and box springs, and they indicate that bedbugs were present at one time. If you find bed bug droppings in your home, call a professional exterminator right away.


Bedbugs are a serious problem, and they can be very difficult to get rid of. If you think you have bedbugs, call a professional exterminator right away.

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