Bed Bugs: What Causes Them and How Do They Spread at Home

Being a responsible homeowner means protecting your house from unwanted pests like bed bugs. This step is especially crucial because these critters have recently made a tremendous comeback, and their presence is increasingly common. 

Today, anyone can pick up a bed bug from public transportation, hotels, or even a friend’s house and unknowingly bring it into their home. Nobody deserves to suffer from a bed bug infestation because it can affect your sleep quality and be a nightmare to remove. Fortunately, you can do something about your biting problem. 

Whether you’ll be handling this problem yourself or calling professional pest control services, this article can help. We will discuss what causes bed bugs and how they spread at home. 

What Are Bed Bugs? 

Bed bugs are wingless insects that feed on blood. They’re usually as small as an apple seed and can be brown or reddish. These insects also swell up and redden once they finish their meal. 

Unlike other blood-sucking parasites like ticks, bed bugs are different because they don’t stay on a host for an extended time; they come out of hiding for a quick snack and then scurry away. 

While they don’t usually feed every night, they will hide for up to a week to lay eggs. Moreover, these eggs are nearly invisible, like a speck of dust. 

What Causes Bed Bugs? 

Many homeowners think they can only find bed bugs in dirty or cluttered areas. Unfortunately, these insects can hide in hotels, libraries, public transport, and even clean households. Bed bugs also love to hide in beds because they can hide behind the many layers and are close to a food source. 

You can reduce the risk of bringing home bed bugs by decluttering your home, vacuuming regularly, and educating yourself about the signs of these pesky creatures. You can also invest in an encasement for your mattress to help prevent bed bugs. 

Do These Insects Transmit Diseases? 

While bed bugs don’t transmit serious diseases, you should remember that they can cause problems. Some people may not react to the bites, while others may suffer an allergic reaction ranging from severe itching to more severe conditions like anaphylaxis. You should also remember that there’s a chance of infection because the bites leave wounds, especially for those with allergies that cause them to scratch the affected area. 

Moreover, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) believes that bed bug infestations can negatively impact people’s mental health, causing sleeping problems, stress, and worry. 

Signs You Have Bed Bugs at Home

While bed bugs may be tiny, it’s easy to determine if these pesky creatures have invaded your space. You could suffer from a bed bug infestation if you wake up with itchy, clustered bumps on your skin. You should also watch out for tiny blood spots on your bedding and bed bug droppings that look like dark spots on the linens. 

Once you’ve spotted any telltale signs, you should thoroughly inspect your beds, closets, and laundry baskets. Don’t forget to check any clutter nearby for any potential infestations. 

How to Address Your Bug Biting Problem

Once you’ve determined the source of your biting problems, you can start eliminating them. Begin by washing all infested textiles on the hottest settings. Next, vacuum the entire room and bed frame, including between the box spring and mattress. Don’t forget to pick up any dust because they could be bed bug eggs and can live for an entire year without eating. 

However, if your home still suffers from an infestation after routine cleaning, you should immediately call professional bed bugs pest control.


While bed bugs may be tiny, they can wreak havoc on your home. Fortunately, you can sleep better at night by performing routine house cleaning and calling professional bed bugs pest control. 

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