8 Indications That Your Home Has a Pest Problem: A Guide

Termite, mice, bedbug, and tick infestations can be disturbing and dangerous. These pests can cause harm to your health and property, so it is important to catch and exterminate them before they bring major damage. 

Most pests know how to hide very well in the basement, attic, crawl spaces, and crevices, so they may not be apparent until they have caused significant damage.

Are there pests in your home? If you noticed these eight signs, you might have an infestation. Call a professional exterminator right away.

1. Unusual Sounds and Noises

If you’re hearing strange noises in your home, especially at night, you may need to start looking for a professional pest removal service. These noises can include scuttling, squeaking, whining, or scratching as the pests move around your home looking for food. If you have a termite problem, you may hear soft tapping behind your walls as they eat away at the wood.

2. Check for Pest Droppings

One of the simple ways to tell if you have a pest problem is to look for droppings. Inspect areas of your home where pests are most likely to congregate, such as crawl spaces, the basement, and the attic. 

3. Damaged Fabrics, Holes, and Gnaw Marks 

You may notice damaged or stained fabrics if your home has pests. This could be anything from upholstery to furniture and clothing items. It becomes a significant problem if you have rats and mice because they chew and tear off fabrics and take them to their nests.

4. Unusual Odor

Pests often bring a strange smell into your home from urine and droppings. If you notice a bad odor, you likely have a pest problem. You may also smell stale or rotten food. This is common if pests have been taking food and leaving pieces behind. If you look where you found the droppings, you may find terrible food.

5. You See Ant Hills 

It’s easy to tell that you have ants in your home through ant hills or fine sand around cracks and crevices on your floor. An anthill is usually the entry point to an ant colony, and finding one means you have an ant infestation.

6. Discarded Body Parts

If you find dead insects or their body parts around your home, especially near windows, this is a sign that you have a pest problem. Cockroaches are known for leaving behind dead bodies in cupboards or pantries. If you see this, it’s important to take action right away.

7. Finding Ladybugs in Your Home 

Ladybugs are gentle creatures that bring happiness, but they’re also voracious predators. Seeing them in your garden is a good sign because it means they’re eating aphids. However, if you notice them inside your home, it’s probably because you have an infestation of mites, white flies, or other insects.

8. Filthy Conditions 

Pests tend to leave behind smudges of dirt where they travel and nest. You’ll also find food crumbs all over the place. When a home has a pest problem, it’s easy to notice a dirt and grime build-up in certain hidden areas of your home.


It is essential to check for these eight signs around your home to see if there is an infestation of pests. Doing this will keep your family’s safety and health. 

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